Meet the Staff of Sam's Auto

Justin King - Sales Manager

717-844-3897 -

Justin King has been working with Sam for over a year. His smiling face and customer skills have helped to grow Sam's Auto and provide a relaxing, no pressure atmosphere for those looking to purchase or find out information on a vehicle. He knows a lot about Hybrids, but will be happy to answer questions on any of the vehicles on the lot. He also can help with the process of going to auction and getting you the vehicle you desire down to the smallest details. Feel free to give him a call, send a text, or shoot him an email. 

Robby - Lead Mechanic


Robby has been working for Sam for almost 20 years. If it's broken, Robby can fix it. With a PA state inspection and emissions license, he specializes in almost any type of vehicle. He has a lot of experience with BMWs and foreign vehicles. If you have a big job that needs done (engine, transmission, timing belt, etc.) Robby is the guy to do it. Call us at the office 717-203-4350 and we will set up an appointment! Please don't ask for Robby. Whomever answers the phone will be happy to schedule you.

Victor - Hybrid Specialist

717-203-4350 -

Victor Garday has been working with Sam for over a decade. Fluidez en español, Victor specializes in Hybrids, primarily Prius. If you have any hybrid problems, he's the guy who will most likely take care of it. Give us a call to set up an appointment. 

Sam Ovalle - Owner

717-203-4350 -

Sam Ovalle has been a mechanic and the owner of Sam's Auto for over 20 years. He has his PA inspections and emission licenses. Fluidez en español. His knowledge of vehicles, especially Hybrids, is immense and he would be happy to take a look at your vehicle. No matter where you buy your car, he or one of Sam's Auto mechanics can service it. Also check out the large selection of vehicles on our lot. The focus is on hybrids, primarily Prius, but we have other vehicles as well. We also offer the option of going to auction and finding exactly what you want. Give him a call or send him a text!